Structure Careers


At Rockwell we ensure that all our employees enjoy good financial and physical well being. We have partnered with leading healthcare organization, to cover the health costs in the case of emergencies and other health issues. We believe in work life balance and providing good quality of life every employee in our organization. The benefits and rewards package we offer covers compensation benefits at both financial and physical level. It is fully catered with a personal recognition of the employee’s condition.

We are proud to include health and financial benefits that guarantee physical and mental well being. We provide

  • Competitive salary to our workers
  • Comprehensive vision, medical and dental benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement plans
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Before-Tax spending accounts

Also, we strive to improve the quality of life of our workers by offering

  • Family resource programs
  • Health club discounts
  • Transportation reimbursement programs
  • Telecommuting
  • Legal assistance
  • Eldercare
  • Education programs
  • Discounts on cars, entertainment, cell phone service, insurance, investments and more.

Learning and Development

We encourage employees from all tiers to openly share their ideas at the workplace to solve the biggest of design and construction issues. This forms the top tier intellectual capital of Rockwell. So we sincerely invest time and money in personal learning and development of our employees. Rockwell is a great place to develop new talents and skills required for future constructions and progress in the career on a long term. Until now we give opportunities for hundreds of people and trained them through certification programs, courses, seminars, and other training sessions. We have a specially tailored curriculum for our construction workers for covering the newest of skills and keeping our workforce outdated to it. For the study days, we offer support in the form of tuition reimbursement and certifications.


Rockwell offers mobility for your career at an international level. Because we are a global organization with offices in 30 different countries, we can deploy our employees across various geographies depending on the project needs. Every project of ours provides our workers new experience and opportunities to grow and learn new skills. We definitely assign employees based on their interests and prior experience, but we also encourage in exploring new options and growing to new heights.

Corporate Health and Wellness Program

Rockwell is one of the earliest companies in the construction business to adopt practical and accessible corporate health and Wellness program. The comprehensive health program we offer includes stress management seminars, yoga classes, work-life balance tips, cooking classes, healthy diet advice, and financial advice. We also hold healthy competitions with the theme of weight loss and grocery gift cards.

Benefits of Wealth Accumulation Program

At Rockwell, we believe in putting you in charge of your future. Through our Rockwell Retirement Investment Plan, we impart long-term financial security for our employees. Every employee who completes three years of employment is eligible for this savings plan.

End of the year premium pay

All employees of the company are eligible to get the end of the year benefits in the form of bonuses and pay. This is discretionary and added to the last month’s salary.

Appreciation Pay

Employees who perform their work at a certain level receive appreciation in the form of Appreciation Pay

Staff Awards

Exceptional employees in the company receive monetary awards and honors for their achievement in a ceremony.

Employee Referral Program

An employee who refers a highly skilled person and is hired by Rockwell receives a bonus under employee referral program.

Voluntary employee Paid Benefits

At Rockwell, we offer both worksite and group employee paid benefits that cover short-term disability, long-term disability, critical illness and others.


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