Our Partners

Our Partners

Rockwell has partnered and worked as a team with many leading companies whenever necessary to carry out projects and ensure their successful delivery. We have maintained long-lasting relationships with several reliable and trustworthy partners over the years. We bond with only those companies who are top notch in their field and can help us meet the client’s demands and expectations.

What we value in our partnerships?

Being a reputed company, we want to only partner with companies whose core values are as close as ours. Also, we measure their competence by analyzing their experience and commitment to providing high-quality construction services. Below are various parameters a company should possess to partner with us.

  • Make every effort to understand the goals and vision of a client
  • Is organized and committed to working as an extension to help us achieve our goals
  • Has expertized to get the job done within budget and time
  • Protects our image as if it were their own
  • Listens to queries and responds to needs of clients
  • Benefits the community by forming strategic alliances such as private/public partnerships
  • Shares their best expertise and talent to make our projects successful
  • Are proactive leaders who can anticipate issues and create solutions
  • Are honest and trustworthy
  • Treats their employees fairly
  • Promotes the culture of accountability, cooperation, and trust.
  • Has collective pride in teamwork and achievement
  • Promotes and values shared ownership



We have been partners with EDGE TECHNOLOGY LLC from 2005. They offer data and computation capacity to fully integrate and secure the workflow of our projects. EDGE TECHNOLOGY is one of the pioneers in delivering fully integrated a platform-wide range of applications such as CAD and other graphics software. We partner with EDGE TECHNOLOGY LLC to provide us data visualization and integration tools to intelligently design plans and computer graphic models of the buildings. This helps us to have a visual foundation of the final goal before we physically start building it.



Since 1999, Rockwell and J CONSTRUCTION CO have partnered on numerous projects. It specializes in highway construction, design-build, Military facilities, and airports. We receive assistance from this firm to complete government-related projects. J CONSTRUCTION CO has over 300 professionals including, experts, and leaders who are focused on building top-class structures. We have many proudest moments while partnering with this firm on different projects. This firm has proven to us countless times that it cares about innovation, quality, and safety in construction works.



TURNER construction and Rockwell have partnered for more than two decades for various projects in diverse market segments. It has earned worldwide recognition for undertaking complex and large projects. Turner is a key company in the construction industry, which gives the most emphasis on innovation and welcoming emerging technologies. It makes a great difference for community, employees, and clients indeed. It has a staff of over 80 employees and completes more than 300 projects every year.



K MARKETING is a relatively new company in the world of digital marketing. But we are impressed with its cost-effective and innovative ways of marketing our services. We have been partners since 2010. They have helped us to maximize our value and be competitive in the construction business.



We receive independent auditing and consultation services from AAA TECHNOLOGY. It has a track record of more than 10 years and is internationally certified. The company has a vast technical and domain knowledge that enables the firm to provide us comprehensive safety and security audit and analysis. It secures our data and information systems.

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