Architecture Planning & Design

Architectural design services are at the heart and soul of our construction business. Our architects indulge in 3D imaging to bring the highest of design potential of a building to light.  Every project brings forth new challenges and opportunities. The design team at Rockwell are experienced and dedicated to providing the most thoughtful designs based on the client’s requirements and expectations. We understand that every client has unique requirements and challenges for their architectural and construction projects. Our team addresses these challenges through innovation and dedication to serve the customers. We customize our knowledge, collaborative energy, technical expertise, and skills of innovation to best serve the clients. Our staff consisting of designers, architects and technicians together come up with designs that suit best for the project demands.

The aspects of architectural service we offer are

  • Assessment of capital and human labor needs
  • Master planning and programming
  • Cost and Feasibility studies
  • Assistance with planning and zoning approval
  • Building permitting and code analysis coordination
  • Construction bidding and documentation
  • Interior design
  • Construction Observation services
  • Building information modeling services
  • Interior design
  • Sustainable design services for green communities
  • Schematic and Design development

Site analysis

We thoroughly research and evaluate proposed construction sites for determining if the project is feasible. For this, we consider regulatory restrictions, local laws, zoning requirements, existing utilities, environmental conditions, community interest and infrastructure for moving forward with confidence. We use software to compute the requirements of site balancing, mass earthwork quantities, material haul import and export, and soil boring state to get a detailed analysis of feasibility in the prospective site. Additionally, we each report consists of 2D and 3D topographical information and proposed design of construction. We at Rockwell, work on giving an honest and detailed preliminary architectural review to assist the clients to know the real potential of their project, cost savings, and implication in the site design.

Structural feasibility

To determine if the project is feasible or practical, past experience and expertise are crucial. Nothing can substitute this and we have the right team with analytical and technical savvy professionals who can do evaluations based on simplified computer models, comparing the designs with similar ones, and condensing the details of the structure while preserving attributes and finding answers for preliminary design questions.

Preliminary drawings

Preliminary drawings are aimed at giving clients an insight on how their project would look like. These drawings are important to the known preparation required before the start of the project for its success. We offer concise and detailed preliminary drawings of buildings and houses.

We have a team of experienced drafters who will help to envision the plans and the architect in the next stages with a clear outlook will turn the vision into reality. Preliminary drawing, in a nutshell, is the projection and design of plan on the paper using which client and the architect can communicate.

The architects, drafters, and engineers who get involved in constructing preliminary drawings at our firm have years of experience. At the right stages, our steadfast managers confirm their efforts. We operate at multiple locations to cater a particular project or business. The architects and engineers in our firm use the latest CAD software for their drawings. They maintain high security and confidentiality about their work. They are also skilled with 2D drawings.

We provide preliminary drawings in the form of

  • CAD or computer-aided design
  • 2D drafting or drawing
  • Dimensional accuracy sketching
  • Blueprints for house plans, home designs, restaurants etc.
  • Quality of Preliminary Drawings

In preliminary drawings, their accuracy is important as it is a basis for further designs. It needs to be accurate in terms of dimension and detail. Our drafters with their focus and skillful talent get it done right in the initial step which gives a solid basis for future analysis.  The preliminary drawings we develop are

  • Detailed in information and accurate
  • Certified with the knowledge of 2D drafting and drawing
  • Confirm to key building standards
  • Guaranteed to provide satisfaction

What is included

Project Scheduling And Management

At Rockwell, our key values point at managing the projects effectively to receive the best outcomes. We foster innovation and collaboration across delivery teams and reduce the risk of getting off track. Our company has a wide experience in managing multiple construction projects, meeting milestones, managing performance, and supply chain. While dealing with one-off projects, we usually manage the construction and design teams from the initial stage to final handover. We perform building information modeling, decommissioning, and feasibility studies, to help our clients understand the performance and compliance of processes and procedures.

Perform Value Engineering

Rockwell performs value engineering to reduce cost and improve the function of business operations. We use value engineering to preserve the basic functions, examine the construction methods used and pursue improvements of value. All the construction designs we use are validated and verified by construction metrics and procedures. Even in the preliminary stages, we look for design failures using virtual model simulations. This way we save a lot of cost and time.

Inspections And Occupancy Permit

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