Rockwell is a multifaceted concrete and heavy-duty material transporter to project sites. A decade back we found the opportunity to transport heavy equipment and concrete to the construction sites in a timely manner. Often, many projects lag behind their timed schedule due to an availability of materials or not obtaining them in time. We have the right connections and reliable material suppliers, which allows us to transport equipment in time. We have lowboys, heavy haul trucks and required personnel who can both handle our concrete and other material needs for our projects and service other construction companies.

Over the years, we have come across many challenges during the process of concrete transport. We have learned from our mistakes and perfected the job of transporting concrete and other materials in time. We have a hard to find well qualified and experienced workers who handle all the transportation and rigging needs, both small and large. Whether it is constructing a new building or renovating an old one, we can successfully transport the materials required. We have received great appreciation and testimonials from our customers. They know that we are reliable and keep our promises in terms of cost and time. Transporting concrete isn’t easy, careful planning is required for ensuring safety and timely delivery.

We transport

  • Concrete for houses
  • Concrete for multi functional and residential buildings
  • Concrete for water management works, industrial buildings etc.
  • Concrete for repairing highways, outdoor areas, and roads
  • Colored and architectural concrete
  • Lightweight concrete from aggregate of ceramic
  • Self-compacting and self-leveling concrete for hydraulic structures.

We also provide cost efficient and high-grade transit mixer or concrete mixer trucks. Our transportation service is safe and reliable. Moving projects forward and helping the project managers and contractors to fulfill the resource needs on the construction site is our goal. We can save the time and money by providing top quality and durable concrete for any type of construction on time and budget. From parking curbs to highway dividers, concrete barriers to bridge decks and more, we can transport the components based on the exact specifications. We offer ready to mix concrete specially tailored for the project and with the exact mix design. While constructing roads and bridges, clients can rely on X to supply bride decks, precast concrete, and other components. We have experienced professionals who check the concrete and other materials to deliver the highest quality products. For road construction, we can offer the best grade limestone that is better than the low-grade gray limestone. During the transport of concrete, our quality standards and parameters ensure that consistency, water-cement ratio, air content, and homogeneity remain intact. For this, we try to keep the mixing plant and construction site in the close proximity.

Our transportation crew are well trained and have years of experience in the ins and outs of concrete transportation. They understand that workability of mix and preventing segregation of the mixture is crucial for the use of concrete at the site. They organize the transportation efficiently to keep the time of transit to less than sixty minutes. The unloading crew at the construction site make sure that the truck mixer is discharged within two hours. While we are multi-location construction organization, we consider different things such as weather conditions, topography, type of construction, cost and location of the batch plant before we choose the mode of transportation. With our help clients need not worry about anything, we take care of all the transportation needs and make sending concrete to the construction location our responsibility. At every stage, we try to cut down the costs and help clients to complete the project on budget and time.

What is included

Project Scheduling And Management

At Rockwell, our key values point at managing the projects effectively to receive the best outcomes. We foster innovation and collaboration across delivery teams and reduce the risk of getting off track. Our company has a wide experience in managing multiple construction projects, meeting milestones, managing performance, and supply chain. While dealing with one-off projects, we usually manage the construction and design teams from the initial stage to final handover. We perform building information modeling, decommissioning, and feasibility studies, to help our clients understand the performance and compliance of processes and procedures.

Perform Value Engineering

Rockwell performs value engineering to reduce cost and improve the function of business operations. We use value engineering to preserve the basic functions, examine the construction methods used and pursue improvements of value. All the construction designs we use are validated and verified by construction metrics and procedures. Even in the preliminary stages, we look for design failures using virtual model simulations. This way we save a lot of cost and time.

Inspections And Occupancy Permit

We ensure that we have the occupancy permit prior organizing and deploying resources to premises. Occupancy permit without a doubt is one among the highest priorities of our working. We have partnered with inspection teams who will check the premises for code issues and safety. We keep the expiry of occupancy permit in mind and renew it regularly.

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