Every phase of the construction project has to go through a range of requirements and needs directions from the contractors, engineers, investors, and owners. The project management services we offer will provide professional inspection, supervision and commission services on projects of all magnitude, location, and type.

As a leader in project management, we have extensive knowledge and experience related to all the facets of construction. Through our plans and management, we will eliminate the construction errors, reduce technical risks, improve safety, control budget spending and effectively complete the project on a planned schedule. Moreover, if there are any voluntary, regulatory or client-based requirements we will fulfill and finalize them.

We are a trusted project management service provider with a global reach among private investors, public institutions, insurers, real estate owners, and construction companies. We take the safety regulations and standards seriously and help to comply them with the progress of the project.

Management Services

The focus of Rockwell is to ensure that the construction project is completed with adherence to quality, budget and time. Any construction project needs constant supervision for its successful completion. We make this possible with the help of our professional supervisors who take care of safety, budgets, the progress of work based on the planned schedule. We ensure that all the relevant declarations, documents, certificates are issued correctly and are completed.

After the design, construction site, and resources are ready for the start of building, we furnish necessary skills for inspection, supervision, and commissioning. We do all the work related to project management- testing, certification, inspection, and verification anywhere in the world.


Putting your plan into operation is our job. We do effective commissioning to check the accuracy of the instrumentation, electrical equipment, manufacture machines, industrial facility, and others. With our commissioning services, we ensure

  • Accuracy of the industrial instrumentation based on the relevant standards
  • Precision, consistency, and quality at every manufacturing stage

At present we provide commissioning management services to clients across the globe. We impart total peace of mind to our clients while the work is carried out with best methods, techniques, and standards.


The construction supervision service we offer helps you to complete the project without cost overruns and on time while meeting all the quality standards and required regulations. Be it the construction of industrial plants, infrastructure, power facilities, wind farms, construction of buildings or some other project that needs sophisticated and complex coordination between different contractors, we with our well-organized supervisors will facilitate a smooth transition of the project from start to completion. We customize our construction supervision depending on the project and help to effectively supervise and control the construction work. While we supervise a project, we

  • Put a panel of experts at the site at all times to implement the project based on guidelines
  • Manage the project in such a way that it is on schedule and is free of faulty construction
  • Make sure it complies with quality standards, building regulations, and insurance company guidelines
  • Ensures that all work adheres to construction permit and technical documentation
  • Correctly issue all the documents, declarations, and certificates.
  • Test materials, installations, and systems
  • Perform maintenance supervision and facility management of building and infrastructure
  • Provide legal and technical advice

Expediting Services

Construction projects need to be completed on time due to various reasons. We facilitate it through managing projects in an intelligent and coordinated fashion. We have years of experience and deep connections with global vendors and production plans from around the world. So we can get resources within days, some in weeks and many in hours.

Our expediting services include:

  • Contacting and negotiating with all suppliers
  • Checking the material arrived at the site
  • Expediting visits
  • Timely delivery of components and goods
  • Desk and field expediting
  • Monitoring the supplier performance.
  • Inspection
  • Recommending essential features
  • Situational assessment of the whole project
  • Reporting


What is included

Project Scheduling And Management

At Rockwell, our key values point at managing the projects effectively to receive the best outcomes. We foster innovation and collaboration across delivery teams and reduce the risk of getting off track. Our company has a wide experience in managing multiple construction projects, meeting milestones, managing performance, and supply chain. While dealing with one-off projects, we usually manage the construction and design teams from the initial stage to final handover. We perform building information modeling, decommissioning, and feasibility studies, to help our clients understand the performance and compliance of processes and procedures.

Perform Value Engineering

Rockwell performs value engineering to reduce cost and improve the function of business operations. We use value engineering to preserve the basic functions, examine the construction methods used and pursue improvements of value. All the construction designs we use are validated and verified by construction metrics and procedures. Even in the preliminary stages, we look for design failures using virtual model simulations. This way we save a lot of cost and time.

Inspections And Occupancy Permit

We ensure that we have the occupancy permit prior organizing and deploying resources to premises. Occupancy permit without a doubt is one among the highest priorities of our working. We have partnered with inspection teams who will check the premises for code issues and safety. We keep the expiry of occupancy permit in mind and renew it regularly.

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