Rockwell is a worldwide leader in providing consultation services all types of construction projects. We offer risk-based assessment, commercial management, strategic communication counseling and dispute resolution services. Our professionals are knowledgeable about various aspects related to business, technical, legal and regulatory matters and give expert testimony to clients. Our team of consults includes architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, accountants, scheduling specialists, project managers, cost engineers, and strategic communications professionals. Having years of experience in following professional industry and commercial contracting practices, we understand regulatory, business, technical and legal aspects of different types of construction projects. We are able to quickly identify best solutions for our client’s problems. Through the years, numerous clients have hired us to ensure that their project is well executed, governed and fully equipped from start to end. Irrespective of construction location, our consulting services, knowledge, and expertise are relevant for maintaining the quality of the project and drive it to completion. Our consulting services include

Capital Program Risk Management

With our capital program risk management, our clients accurately and quickly identify, mitigate, quantify, and monitor the risk associated with capital expenditures.

Project Management and Construction Advice

Rockwell’s team of consultants consisting of architects, contractors, engineers, legal counsel, and construction managers are respected industry-wide. We work on all segments and strive to improve the delivery of construction projects and use proven and tamed project management technologies to collaborate with stakeholders and elevate the performance.

Resolution of disputes

Rockwell establishes clear recognition of conflicts and it commits itself to resolve them by using a commercially driven strategy that ensures settlement in the favor of clients. If arbitration or litigation becomes necessary, our experts work along with legal counsel or solicitors appointed to handle the dispute.

Planning and Scheduling

For a capital project in its all phases, our specialists using the critical path method and decides on development, inspection, review, and evaluation of progress. The professionals in our company are well versed informing and evaluating bid baseline, commissioning, recovery schedules and complex schedule delay analysis.


Auditing services and analysis of cost structure

Clients from various construction firms receive advice to control costs, forecast costs, auditing change invoices, orders and oversee the recovery strategies. We take a strategic approach to help you meet your financial goals without surprises. Moreover, we quantify indirect and direct costs in defense or support of requests needing additional compensation.

Government Contracts

Not abiding by rules and regulations in the government contract projects, can create disputes and lead to costly litigation and fines. At Rockwell, we have professionals who have an outstanding track record of helping clients to comply with the regulations, contract provisions and move the project forward. At every crucial stage of the life cycle of a contract, we offer advice on financial, reputational, operational, strategic, and regulatory needs of small and large contractors and subcontractors.

Project Types

Rockwell receives requests for consultation services from non-profit, corporate, and government construction projects from around the globe. We provide consultation services to companies related to industries such as

  • Commercial
  • Environmental
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining and metals
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transportation

What is included

Project Scheduling And Management

At Rockwell, our key values point at managing the projects effectively to receive the best outcomes.  We foster innovation and collaboration across delivery teams and reduce the risk of getting off track. Our company has a wide experience in managing multiple construction projects, meeting milestones, managing performance, and supply chain. While dealing with one-off projects, we usually manage the construction and design teams from the initial stage to final handover. We perform building information modeling, decommissioning, and feasibility studies, to help our clients understand the performance and compliance of processes and procedures.

Perform Value Engineering

Rockwell performs value engineering to reduce cost and improve the function of business operations. We use value engineering to preserve the basic functions, examine the construction methods used and pursue improvements of value. All the construction designs we use are validated and verified by construction metrics and procedures. Even in the preliminary stages, we look for design failures using virtual model simulations. This way we save a lot of cost and time.

Inspections And Occupancy Permit

We ensure that we have the occupancy permit prior organizing and deploying resources to premises. Occupancy permit without a doubt is one among the highest priorities of our working. We have partnered with inspection teams who will check the premises for code issues and safety. We keep the expiry of occupancy permit in mind and renew it regularly.

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